Dear Challenge Moderators Having read the challenge description, here is what is specified on the wiki page: NOTE: Byline authorship, DREAM Conference invitation and any additional awards are predicated on final models performing better than the baseline models provided in the Docker container. Does this mean that all models performing better than the baseline model will be invited for the conference and  authorship, or that you will select top N teams from the teams that submitted final models with performance higher than the baseline mode? If it's the latter, have you decided how many teams will be invited (number of N)? Also, Do you mind submitting the baseline model to both tasks so it will show up on the leaderboard? This will allow us to have a better idea about if we are outperforming the baseline model on the test data. I assume we could figure that out by submitting the provided baseline model to the contest, but I'd like to save a submission quota if possible. Btw, Thanks for the swift response and assistances with the submissions. Thanks Lu

Created by Zhixiu (Eric) Lu ZhixiuLu
@ZhixiuLu , Thank you again for your suggestion! The [Python baseline model]( has been submitted to both queues and they are now displaying on the [leaderboards](!Synapse:syn26133770/wiki/619017) under the team name, Preterm Birth - Vaginal Microbiome Organizers.
Thanks, that's helpful.
Hi ZhixiuLu, All teams that submit a model successfully runnable model and a method write up will be in the "Preterm Birth Prediction Community." This designation gets indexed as a Collaborator in Pubmed, which means you are a co-author on the overview manuscript. The top usually 2-3 teams will be given byline authorship and invited to the meeting in November to present their work. We supply up to a certain amount of money per team to support travel (usually $2500 but that has not bee finalized yet). The reason we don't know the number of teams that will be invited is because we dont know if teams will tie in their performance and if a teams wins both subchallenge 1 & 2, this gives us an opportunity to invite another team. We have speaking slots for 2 teams for each subchallenge. The baseline model will be submitted and used for comparison purposes. Overall team results will be made public after the challenge is complete. Kind Regards, Jim

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