Hello, I had an invalid submission for fast lane (ID: 9725451) and the log file (the .txt file not the zip file) showed me the following: ``exec /bin/sh: exec format error`` I am sure what it means. Could anyone help with it? Thank you in advance! Best, Jiaming Yao

Created by yaojm
@yaojm , Nice sleuthing! I'll keep your solution in-mind for next time - thanks for letting me know!
@vchung Thank you for your advice! I did a little research and find out the problem was stemming out of the in-compatibility between the platform where the Docker image was built (ARM64) and where the image was deployed (AMD64). I fixed the problem by specifying the platform where the image will be deployed when building the image: `docker buildx build --platform linux/amd64 ...` . I really appreciate your help as it lead me to identify the problem. Thank you again for your time and effort! Best, Jiaming Yao
@yaojm, Ah, that's very helpful! Thank you for sharing your Dockerfile. Rather than using the shell form of ENTRYPOINT, can you try using the exec form instead? Specifically: ``` ENTRYPOINT ["python3", "/submission/run_model_v5.py"] ``` This is usually the preferred form (more info [here](https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/builder/#entrypoint)) Hope this helps!
Hi @vchung, Thank you for your reply! I checked my files but none of them used a shell script (and the image works fine on training data; so if there is anything buggy with a shell script, I should see that on my local end). My Dockerfile looks like the following: ``` FROM python:3.10 WORKDIR / COPY requirements.txt /requirements.txt COPY ./submission/ /submission RUN pip install -r requirements.txt ENTRYPOINT python3 /submission/run_model_v5.py ``` So I am confused why I have that error message. Could you check on my submission for task 1, id: 9725454? It should be the same file, but there might be more useful info. Best, Jiaming Yao
Hi @yaojm , Is your entrypoint to a shell script by any chance? If it is, you can try adding the shebang line to the top of it: ``` #!/bin/bash ``` I'm not sure if this will help, but it's worth a shot!

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