Dear Organizers, What is the ranking metric? My team has uploaded 2 submission so far and always thought that the ranking metric was ROC AUC, however our second submission for task 1 placed worse than the first one, even though it had better bootstrapped ROC AUC. Is the ranking metric perhaps a combination of other metrics, and if so, what's it? Regards, Manuel

Created by Manuel E. Gonzalez MGonzalez
Thanks @vchung for the quick and clear response. That makes so much sense. Manuel
Dear @MGonzalez , Great question! You are correct, in that the ranking is determined by AUC ROC, followed by AUPR for any tiebreakers. Note, however, that the ranking displayed on the [Results](#!Synapse:syn26133770/wiki/618021) page is based on the performance on the _entire_ test set, whereas the bootstrapped scores are point estimates calculated from a small subset of the test set.

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