Hi, I've been trying to upload my submission but I am unable to understand what is going wrong in the submission process (e.x. 9724138). I've verified that it's worked locally as posted on the wiki; could I get some more insight into why my submission failed? Thanks, Thomas JI

Created by ThomasJi
@ThomasJi , Great! I'm glad it was an easy fix. :)
Thank you, that was really helpful, I forgot to filter out the columns when I ran the test command, and now my submission is able to work!
Hi @ThomasJi , Both of your submissions received the following error: ```r Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'was_preterm' not found Calls: prepare_data -> model.frame -> model.frame.default -> eval -> eval Execution halted ``` Note that the test set does not contain any of the "outcome" columns in metadata.csv: * was_preterm * was_early_preterm * was_term * delivery_wk Hope this helps! P.S. great team name!

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