I've noticed that 4 participants in the D project have different races associated with different specimens (D00028, D00029, D00059, D00061), and another 13 have different ages associated with different specimens (F00003, F00018, F00019, F00026, F00027, F00029, F00030, F00032, F00040, F00041, F00042, F00047, F00059). I can understand how different ages could be assigned, that's why I always prefer YoB instead of age, but dual race assignment is a clear sign of mistake.

Created by Tol Sorokin lptolik
Hello, We had a team member double-check the processed metadata and it matches the original metadata from the various projects. For F0000N specimens, project F used maternal age at collection, which explains the increase in an individual's age. As for the D000N specimens with different ethnicities, the processed metadata also matches the original data. It is most likely representing bi/multiracial individuals, so participants who are both Asian and Caucasian have two races. We can contact the authors to confirm, but that is my educated guess. Kind Regards, Preterm Birth Organzers

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