Dear committee, The rule shows we should submit Writeup after the final challenge submission. I would like to ask the deadline of Writeup. Thank you very much! Best regards, Robin

Created by Chih-Han Huang Chih-Han
Hi Robin, We would like participants to focus on method development during the challenge. We also would like to encourage well-written method descriptions. Accordingly, your final submission is due on August 31, 2022 and the write-up is due 1 week after the Challenge Submission deadline: Wed, September 7, 2022. We expect participants/teams to provide their code and method write-ups to be eligible for any incentives for the challenge. Code and write-up should be submitted for your best submission, which will be the one you want to be included in the final team rankings. If you would like to use another submission besides your best scoring submission, then make sure this is stated in your write-up, and then the write-up and code should match that submission. Please be certain to follow the instructions for ?Submitting Writeups? under the ?How to Participate? subpage of the challenge website:!Synapse:syn26133770/wiki/618029 Kind Regards, Preterm Birth Prediction - Microbiome DREAM Challenge Organizers

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