Hi, i am not sure if we can submit 5 time a day or only 5 submissions for the entire competition duration. thanks Yuvaram

Created by vijaya yuvaram singh yuvaramsingh
Hi @ambujtewari , yes 5 submissions for each task! Hope this helps. Thanks Aarthi
Hi @vchung, Just to clarify, the 5 submissions limit is to be interpreted per task, right? So a team/individual can make 5 submissions each to Task 1 and to Task 2. Please confirm if this is correct. Best, Ambuj
Hi @vchung , Thank you! Best, Kun
Hi @KunBu , You will only be allowed to submit up to 5 times. You will not be able to submit again unless any of those submissions come back with a status of INVALID. Hope that makes sense!
Hi @vchung , Are we supposed to submit only five submissions or only five recent submissions will be graded (but we can submit unlimited times)? Thank you!
thanks @vchung
@yuvaramsingh , Great question. You and your team (if part of one) are allowed up to five total scored submissions for the duration of the challenge. Invalid submissions will not count towards your quota.

what is the maximum number of submission per day? page is loading…