Dear Committee members, Questions 1 - We assume that the reads from the taxa table are not the raw reads, are they? We couldn't find it in the documents how they were normalized and batch corrected. Question 2 - Can we get the sequence associated with each ASVs identified with DADA2, please? Thanks, Yongchao

Created by Yongchao Huang yonghuang526
Hello @yonghuang526, Question 1: The reads in the 'nreads' tables and in the long format (sv_long) are indeed the raw reads in the original specimens. There are also version normalized to relative abundance / fractional abundance from (0-1). We have left it to the participants to use whatever normalization technique (beyond relative abundance) they think is appropriate, or use methods (e.g. beta-binomial modeling) that use the raw read counts. Question 2: We are unable to provide this information. Tomiko on behalf of the 'Preterm Birth Prediction - Microbiome DREAM Challenge' team

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