Dear committees We were checking the proportion of the reads aligned on individual taxon with respect to total read count in the cst_taxon file and we found very low number of raw reads for individual taxon with respect to the total read count. It is not even more than 10% of the total reads. Could we get some reasons why it might be happening? or where rest of the read proportion is going? We might be missing something. We hope we can know that. Thanks.

Created by disha sharma dishasharma35
Hi @dishasharma35, Our team would like to clarify that those taxon counts are only for the taxa relevant for the valencia CST engine to distinguish between CSTs. They may not be dominant in the community. The specific taxonomy tables are more appropriate to use if one wishes for taxonomic composition at the species, genus, or family levels. We hope this is helpful, Tomiko on behalf of the 'Preterm Birth Prediction - Microbiome DREAM Challenge' team

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