MindKind Databank


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study: MindKind Study
keywords: psychology mental health depression anxiety lived experience active ingredients
diagnosis: control
consortium: mHealth
deviceType: handheld
sensorType: touchscreen
investigator: MindKind Consortium
resourceType: curatedData
dhPortalIndex: TRUE
collectionType: Observational Study
deviceLocation: hand
devicePlatform: Android
reportedOutcome: demographics survey USDA Food insecurity survey PhenX Neighborhood Safety survey PhenX Neighborhood Collective Efficacy survey exposure to violence survey habits survey physical activity phone usage WHODAS PHQ-9 GAD-7 mental health history mood International Physical Activity Questionnaire activity report Behavioural Activation for Depression Scale (BADS) sleep report Insomnia Severity Index UCLA Loneliness Scale feedback survey informed consent data governance preferences
studyDescription: The MindKind study was commissioned by the Mental Health Priority Area at Wellcome Trust to understand the data governance and engagement strategies influencing young peoples’ (aged 16-24) participation in app-based studies of mental health. The study hypothesized that willingness to participate in research is influenced by input into how their data is collected, shared, and used. It employed mixed methods to understand the feasibility of global, smartphone-based studies of youth mental health.
numberParticipants: 6739
dataCollectionMethod: active patient reported outcome
dataAccessInstructions: syn26067631/wiki/621690
studyDescriptionLocation: syn26067631
digitalAssessmentCategory: sleep mood participant engagement physical activity mental health social activity positive activities
studyDataDescriptionLocation: syn26067631/wiki/621692

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