My name is William A. Knaus, MD. I developed the APACHE Severity of Illness Classification System for Critically Ill Patients. Now I and researchers from Washington University in St. Louis are hoping to develop a COVID specific version of APACHE. The purpose is to facilitate comparisons of new therapies, track changes in patient characteristics over the course of the pandemic and have a tool that might be used for triage either with COVID or in another respiratory based pandemic. The current approaches to these challenges use severity tools developed broadly for all types of mass casualty situations. They are not very useful for clinical management in a respiratory based pandemic. With the assistance of hospitals in the US and Europe and working with colleagues at the Society for Critical Care Medicine we have assembled a large database of ICU Admissions with Covid-19 infections. For more information see: For this Grand Challenge we would like to extend an invitation for all investigators with EMR data on documented COVID-19 ICU admissions to join us. We are especially interested in increasing representation from LMIC. The above website details the kind of data we are seeking. We are also interested in involving researchers from LMIC who may not have data but wish to participate to insure that the severity score we produce is useful and appropriate in a wide variety of settings. Please respond to this thread or to with expressions of interest. Thank you.

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Thanks Sena, can you please send your resume to me at: I will let you know how our potential application progresses.
My name is Sena Okuboyejo, a faculty at Covenant University, Nigeria. I have prior experience with mobile health apps development and analysis and interest in Data analytics. I currently do not have data but would like to take up your offer of participation to insure that the severity score produced is useful in all settings. Thank you.

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