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Created by Amel Ghouila AmelGH
John: I want to address as many requirements that we can in a design. It appears that you are looking for more medical results What I see from your comments also is that the access to the database must be accessible from many locations buy mobile devices and laptops. I also look for a low cost common open source solution. Gene
Thank your for creating the forum. My interests are in determining the changes that COVID-19 victims undergo and how treatment/vaccination effects can be monitored (and possibly managed for the good) within these victims. The smaller the changes detected, the better the chance to advise the medical fraternity on the effectiveness of a drug/vaccine and the need to continue or adjust or stop a medical procedure being administered. This saves time - which is crucial for the survival of the victim - as doctors will not need to wait for long before noticing changes in the victim. From data collected from victims - including medical images - the state of each victim should be known and changes occurring within short intervals (like within minutes) be noted and used to decide on next best action. Currently, I am a lecturer at the department of Information Technology at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya, where I also manage the Center responsible for software development - producing applications for use within the University and the community. I hold PhD in Computer Science from University of Strasbourg, France. I look forward to possible collaborators. Thank you all. John
Eugene Shaw, President E.S. Technologies located in Troy MI, USA. My interest is in the development of an international database by which vaccinations can be verified. The database will provide security features to allow for access for governments and businesses. There are databases under development to track vaccinations but solely focused on meeting specific business or governments needs and not international standards. Working through ICODA international standards could be developed that will support common databases internationally.