Hi, I have 2 questions about the Synapse data: 1. Each patient has a unique health-code associated with a professional diagnosis for Parkinson Disease (PD). The Professional diagnosis can be True or False, meaning that the patient either has PD or not. However for patients who haven't been diagnosed with PD the data has the medTimepoint column filled with "just after Parkinson medication (at your best)" in some rows. So is there a chance the data might be corrupted? 2. Does these data available really concerns Parkinson Disease patients only or does it include patients with Parkinsonism too?

Created by paulo leite paubarlei
Yes, that is correct for the objective PD cohort there are both confirmed "controls," that is people without PD and individuals with a confirmed, by a PD specialist, PD diagnosis.
Hi thanks for your reply. Could you elaborate a bit more about the sub-cohort and objective PD. For these sub-cohort is there a confirmation they really are true diagnosed PD patients?
Hi Paulo: 1) People had the opportunity to change their response to the professional diagnosis question as well as whether they take medication for their PD. This can lead to the situation where they are indicating that they take medication but their diagnosis is false as they changed their response part way through . It is also possible, though very unlikely, that someone takes PD medication even though they have not been professionally diagnosed. The cases you indicate are rare however and I would view data from these individuals with skepticism. 2) The only information we have about their diagnosis is the response to the question about whether they have you been diagnosed with PD by a medical professional. That is, the data is both a self report and given the common misdiagnosis between PD and Parkinsonism (especially in early stages of the disease) it is likely we have some Parkinsonism in the individuals labeled as PD. For the sub-cohort part of Objective PD we do have clinical confirmation of the PD diagnosis however.

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