Hi, When I try to submit the prediction in Module 0, there is a message in RStudio that says it was successfully submitted, but then the result is not on the scoreboard and I get an email that says "Exception while scoring submission..." that tells me there was an error. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

Created by Emma Wolcott emma_wolcott
Thank you! It submitted the solution!
Hi @emma_wolcott and @Gabrianne_Ivey the problem is fixed and you should be able to submit solutions to modules. Thanks for the feedback!
Hi @emma_wolcott it is an issue we have on our scoring that isn't able to correctly handle the "_" in your Synapse username. @Gabrianne_Ivey also had this error and we are working to resolve this! @mnikolov and I will update you, sorry for the inconvenience.

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