Please post here any questions you have regarding issues with - accounts, accessing Synapse, RStudio - accessing course materials - accessing videoconference links - meeting and office hours schedules - submission of mini-challenge solutions

Created by Milen Nikolov mnikolov
@scheng72 the slides have now been uploaded on the course webpage here: -!Synapse:syn22163584 - you can also scroll down to Module Presentations here for an overview:!Synapse:syn22149791/wiki/603821 We typically upload the presentations either before the module lecture or up to 1-2 days after. Regarding Module 0 submission. We will have a session that's dedicated to R notebooks in about a week, which should address questions around going through the module and completing the exercises there. We will also have office hours next week on Mon, Jun 22, 11am - 1pm PDT. Meanwhile, you probably see a screen like this when you log in RStudio: ${imageLink?synapseId=syn22175360&align=Left&scale=100&responsive=true&altText=RStudio screen} In the lower right, click on modules and go to module0. You can start by clicking on rstudio-overview.Rmd and following the instructions there (clicking the green arrow next to a line will execute the line), which will provide an intro to RStudio. Next you can try out the rstudio-overview_activity.Rmd, at the end of the notebook (~lines 106 - 109), you will see the submission code. Again we will cover that later, but it might be helpful to start earlier.
Hi Milen, I have two questions. 1. When can we expect the Thursday's slide to be uploaded? 2. I do not see the prompt for Module 0 submission. Could you tell me where I can find it? Thanks.
@Sylvia1 If you click your folder and then go to 'Folder Tools' (upper right) , you'll see the option of 'Delete folder' (at the end of the dropdown). Let me know if that works. Thanks!
Hi Milen, I accidentally created a folder when I tried to test whether I was a certified user, but I could not delete the test file. Could you tell me how I can delete it?
Great - thanks for posting!
It seemed that my file was uploaded successfully. Thanks for helping me check.
@scheng72 - could you try uploading a file (any test file would work) to this folder:!Synapse:syn22166354 If that works, it'd indicate that you have been certified successfully.
Hi Milen, I passed the quiz, but it seemed that I did not become a certified user (not manifested on my profile). Could you help me check what might go wrong?

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