First of all: thank you very much for making this great data set publicly available for research! I am currently working in research on multimodal approaches for surgical support, and for this, the HeiCo data are very useful. In this context, I was wondering * if the results of the Surgical Workflow Challenges from EndoVis 2017 and 2018 are or have been made available? Unfortunately, I could not find a related publication or website. * if there is the possibility to get access to the corresponding split of the HeiCo data? Clicking on the corresponding link in the [Wiki](!Synapse:syn21903917/wiki/601992) here on Synapse (!Synapse:syn21898456/files/) unfortunately leaves me with a "Sorry, no access to this page." Any help on these two points would be greatly appreciated!

Created by Simon Pezold spezold
Hi @AnnikaReinke, thank you very much for your response! Yes, I already have access to the HeiCo data in general, and I was able to download both the complete data set and its ROBUST-MIS version. What did not work is downloading its Surgical Workflow Challenges version. In other words, from the [Wiki page](!Synapse:syn21903917/wiki/601992), Section *Download data*, the following links work/don't work: - Complete data set:!Synapse:syn21903917/files/ ? I have access and I can download data from there - ROBUST-MIS data:!Synapse:syn18779624/files/ ? I have access and I can download data from there - Workflow data:!Synapse:syn21898456/files/ ? I have *no* access ("You are not authorized to access the page requested.") It is the "Workflow data" version of the data set that I am interested in. In particular, I would like to know the split in training and testing data that was used in the Surgical Workflow challenge(s). Or was it the same split as in the ROBUST-MIS challenge? In this case, I would already have the necessary access.
Hi @spezold, thanks for your message! Are you already registered for the RobustMIS challenge (!Synapse:syn18779624/wiki/591266)? This is necessary for downloading the HeiCo data. If not, please click the "join" button and send us the filled out terms of usage file - we will then grant you access.

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