Hello, working with your dataset I noticed, that the Proctolectomy_9 video is 317.875 frames long. However in the phase annotation file 402.690 frames are labeled. Is the video missing frames then? In the Proctolectomy_10 video it seems to be some unlabeled frames since it is 444.500 frames long but only 401.870 frames are labeled. Is there an explanation for that and most important are the available phase annotations of those videos still correct? Thanks for your help Robert

Created by Robert Asmußen RobertAsmussen
Hi Annika, thank you for the quick reply. Now the number of frames in the annotation file and the frames in the video match. Therefore they should be correct. Thank you again and best wishes Robert
Hi Robert, thank you so much for your comment and for noticing. We uploaded new versions of the phase annotations for Proctocolectomy 9 and 10. Could you please let us know if they are correct now? Best wishes Annika

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