Hi Could you look through the error logs of the latest submitted job? I received an email describing like this: our workflow job, (submission ID 9712558), has failed to complete. The message is: D kind-file_var_lib_docker_volumes_workflow_orchestrator_shared__data_c40220ce-0c85-40ca-8a89-d98bae9f7b2f_covid19-challenge-master_infrastructure_run_synthetic_training_docker.cwl/instance-fjgr91cr to 0 STDERR: 2021-06-27T10:10:33.947190888Z But I still have trouble understanding my error. Thanks.

Created by Beihong Ji Beihong
Thanks. But my model did take more than two hours to finish. it doesn't mean there is any wrong in my code. My program would run for several hours on my local computer. Could you expand the limitation time for me?
Hi @Beihong , You don't seem to print out any log files from your model so your actual log files aren't included. If you write python code, you have to flush the print statements so you will get the log files. But the error is that your submission is taking more than 2 hours to run. Best, Tom

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