Hi, My latest submission failed on the UW data, after having run successfully on one prior version thereof. Can you share the error logs for submission id 9711143 please? Thanks.

Created by Bruce Cragin Bcragin
Thanks Tim. That was an old model and I'd have go back and look at it to be sure, but I doubt the feature space was very large. In time since that model was first submitted I learned some tricks for reading in just the needed columns from the data files in order to minimize RAM usage; possibly one of those tricks will fix the problem.
Hi @Bcragin, It looks like your model exceeded the RAM limits of the system. ``` naivebayes 0.9.7 loaded [1] "input files read" /app/train.sh: line 2: 8 Killed Rscript /app/train.R ``` How large is the feature space you're trying to train on? Thanks, @trberg

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