Hello. I made a mistake when I writing the json file. The format I want to use is the User Example in the feature reporting webpage. like this: **[**{ "Features": [{ ???? }] }**]** But I mistakenly create the file without putting the dictionary of Features into a list, so it is like **{** "Features": [{ ???? }] **}** So there is no square bracket outside the dictionary( {} rather than [{ }] ) But I have already sent the submission ID to Miss Yao Yan, so I am not sure should I fix the error and sent the new submission ID to her. I am afraid this will cause unnecessary work but I am worried about the validity of the feature.json file if I have a different format as the sample. Could someone please tell me what should I do now? Thank you very much if you are willing to help.

Created by Yuxin Yao YYao
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