Hello, I didn't receive any email from EHR challenge service indicates my submission process has started. I have checked the spam box but I can't find anything there too. When I want to submit a model again it says the team reached the submission quota. Could anyone please tell me what should I do? Or is the synapse is still under maintenance? Thank you very much.

Created by Yuxin Yao YYao
Hi, @thomas.yu Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much!
Hello @YYao, The submission infrastructure is now back online. Thanks for your patience. Best, Tom
Hello @YYao, Apologies for the inconvenience. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties (this has been posted on the home page). We will let you know when the issue is resolved as soon as possible. Best, Tom

When I submit, there is no email indicate the submission process start and no results page is loading…