Hi all, I noticed that in the latest Data changelog those vocabulary tables have been added, I assume they are part of the method to get features from the data. But it seems the methods that I try are not working, could someone please kindly advise me on how to use the tables and is it possible to extract features from those tables. I do not have prior experience with these tables and the methods to use them. Thank you very much. Regards, @satasever

Created by Sema Atasever satasever
Here is some more detailed documentation that may be helpful. The `Vocabulary` section goes through each of the vocabulary tables. https://ohdsi.github.io/CommonDataModel/dataModelConventions.html
Hi @satasever, What are the methods you are trying to use? The vocabulary tables don't necessarily tell you what codes are available in the data, but they do contain all possible codes and their descriptions (table `concept`) as well as information on how codes in the different vocabularies (SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm) relate to each other. So for instance, you can use the `concept_ancestor` table to find a given concept's higher level parent code in an ontology. Here is the wiki that describes the different vocabulary tables that are available. https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/wiki/Standardized-Vocabularies Let me know if you have more questions. Thank you, @trberg

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