Hi, May I have the log for this submission? It was accepted but turn to an invalid one for a while. Both the infer and training log files exist, think it passes the synthetic data. Thanks. Lingrui

Created by Lingrui Cai Lingrui.Cai
Hi @trberg , I didn't receive the log for 9708607 until now, could you do me a favor to take a look? Thanks. Lingrui
Hi @trberg , Here is the submission ID for the later one:9708607. The same situation appears. Thanks.
Sure. I will do that. Thank you.
Hi @Lingrui.Cai, Can you try to submit again? The submission failed on the synthetic data but it looks like a pipeline error. Thanks, @trberg
Hi Tim, I'm sorry the above one is the log number. The submission ID is 9708568. Thanks
Hi @Lingrui.Cai , Which submission failed? 23209035 isn't a submission number that I can look up. The submission number should look like 970#######. Thank you, Tim

23209035 Invalid submission page is loading…