Several models were submitted recently. The model works on synthetic data but there's no result feedback. I think there are some errors when the models run on the UW dataset. The error of one of the models are sent by Mr Bergquist and I really appreciate that. But is there any possibility to send the error messages if the models fail to run on the UW data? It will help a lot with improving the model. Thank you.

Created by Yuxin Yao YYao
Hi @YYao , Your submission ran over the 60 min time limit. I'll email you the contents of the logs files. Thanks, @trberg
@trberg That is totally reasonable and thank you for checking and sending these logs. Would you please help to send the error messages of submission ID 9706913? And would you please tell me what do I need to do if I want to know the contents of the log file for the error messages. Should I reply to you in the discussion thread or send you an email? Thank you so much.
Ah I see. It certainly would be, however, there is a risk that sensitive information would be leaked through these logs. So we need to have someone check and make sure that the logs do not contain sensitive medical information. Thanks, Tim
Hi @trberg Thank you so much. The log information in the email you have sent a few hours ago already indicates the errors. This is just a suggestion about sending the error messages automatically after the model's failing. Because sending emails manually may not be as efficient as sending automatically...
Hi @YYao, I can send you which ever error logs you need. Which submissions would you like info on? Tim

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