Hi, My submission is labelled as invalid. It was working on my local machine with synthetic data. I have checked the logs but I could not see any error. Submission Id is 9706816. Could you give me some details why my submission is invalid? Thanks.

Created by egealpay
Hi @egealpay, Right now, the scratch folder is not being transferred between the `training` and `inference`. If you want to have files transferred between the stages, use the `/model` folder. So use ```/model/tokenizer.pickle```.
Hi again, Sorry for keeping this thread activated. My new submission (9706834) is also marked as invalid. During training stage, I write a file to /scratch directory. And during inference stage, I read that file. It works on local but in the logs of the submission, following exception is given during inference stage: ``` FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/scratch/tokenizer.pickle' ```
We are having some issues with the pipeline, we should be back up and running later today. Thank you for your patience, @trberg
Thanks I have fixed. But 3 hours ago, I made a new submission with id 9706834. It is still shown as Received, evaluation did not start
Hi @egealpay, The errors from the synthetic data workflow logs say that your docker container is not outputting a model file to the `/model` folder. When you run on your local environment, are you mounting a volume into your container to the `/model` directory, and do you see a model file appear after you train? Thank you, @trberg

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