Hi, In Data Format section of this challenge, it is stated that ICD-9 and ICD-10 Vocabulary is used in Condition Occurrence table. However if I search condition_concept_id in Athena, I see that the result belongs to SNOMED Vocabulary. As an example, you can use 4082311 to search on Athena. So, which Vocabulary is used for condition_concept_id? SNOMED or ICD-10?

Created by egealpay
I believe so. For example, concept_id 4082311 exists in Condition table. In the screenshot below, you can find the search result of this concept id in Athena: ![Athena Result](https://i.ibb.co/pzQh88D/Screen-Shot-2020-08-12-at-18-53-38.png) In the VOCAB column, it says SNOMED
Hi @egealpay , We are currently using ICD-10 for the condition_concept_id. Are you saying you are finding SNOMED concepts in the synthetic data? Thank you, @trberg

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