I am curious how long the competition will continue and when will the ranking of question 2 start. It seems like the question will be updated every 2 months but is it possible to increase the frequency of updating. The other questions are interesting as well. Will there be any new data(like goldstandard.csv) released so that we can train the new model? Any help will be appreciated.

Created by Yuxin Yao YYao
Hi @YYao, We expect to start accepting submissions for Question 2 in about 2 weeks. It took longer than expected to get access to the required data, but thanks to this work, we expect to open Question 3-5 shortly after launching Question 2.
Hi @YYao , This competition is designed in a continuous benchmarking mode, so we don't have a defined closed date for this challenge. Ranking of question 2, do you mean the ranking for Q1 with the training dataset? We haven't opened question 2 yet. Thank you for your interest in other COVID challenge questions. We are sorry for the delay. The questions and corresponding dataset are currently under preparation and they will be available soon. Yes, we will provide new data and new gold standards. Please let me know if you have more questions. Best, Yao

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