When I run it locally with Docker, it works. But when I submit, it fails, and I can understand from the log where it failed. What is the best way to debug the submission? Just for example, part of the log file looks like: ``` STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264553781Z =========> STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264558441Z INFO:toil.worker:---TOIL WORKER OUTPUT LOG--- STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264562091Z INFO:toil:Running Toil version 4.1.0-5ad5e77d98e1456b4f70f5b00e688a43cdce2ebe. STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264565591Z Failed to evaluate expression: STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264568941Z Expression evaluation error: STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264572251Z Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264575551Z script was: STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264578931Z 01 "use strict"; STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264583181Z 02 var inputs = { STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264586631Z 03 "status": "INVALID", STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264590551Z 04 "previous_annotation_finished": true, STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264594081Z 05 "previous_email_finished": true STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264597491Z 06 }; STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264600731Z 07 var self = null; STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264604391Z 08 var runtime = { STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264607991Z 09 "cores": 1, STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264611471Z 10 "ram": 100.0, STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264614931Z 11 "tmpdirSize": 1024, STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264618461Z 12 "outdirSize": 0.95367431640625, STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264621891Z 13 "tmpdir": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/workflow_orchestrator_shared/_data/ef3f081b-2f7a-4f5d-b64c-5832a2395ef9/tmpakf3e0j8", STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264625641Z 14 "outdir": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/workflow_orchestrator_shared/_data/ef3f081b-2f7a-4f5d-b64c-5832a2395ef9/node-1e33ebdd-bf14-4d21-9aaf-7251e96f7d8e-79372d8564c8545262975c46157f1482/tmpmgak12q2/dbabf67c-49bb-498d-8181-427b107b497d/tq5qltnwr/tmp-outhncsyo5m" STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264630051Z 15 }; STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264633261Z 16 (function(){ STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264636511Z 17 if(inputs.status == "INVALID"){ STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264639992Z 18 throw 'invalid submission'; STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264654972Z 19 } else { STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264658212Z 20 return {finished: true}; STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264662122Z 21 } STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264664942Z 22 })() STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264667722Z stdout was: '' STDERR: 2020-07-27T14:02:15.264670552Z stderr was: 'invalid submission' ``` Any help will be appreciated.

Created by Nadav Rappoport nadav
Actually, I got the same error seen in this [thread](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn21849255/discussion/threadId=7280), and the error as explained that there were no predictions for every person, but only for a subset. Debugging is no very convenient, but can be done by printing to stdout, and reading log files.

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