I executed OHDSI DataQuality study on the synthetic data. Q1. I am surprised that no COVID test is included in the data. Why is that? Q2. Can I post to discussion to a discussion forum some aggregate results of the synthetic data? e.g., # A tibble: 38 x 6 analysis_id measurement_concep~ value_as_concept_~ perc concept_name.x concept_name.y 1 1822 3003694 46237872 1.41e-1 ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood B Neg 2 1822 3003694 46237993 1.34e-1 ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood B Pos 3 1822 3003694 46237873 1.30e-1 ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood AB Pos 4 1822 3003694 46237994 1.30e-1 ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood AB Neg

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Hi @Informatician, Q1. That's correct, since the question we are currently asking is whether we can predict the results of the COVID test, that information is not currently available to participants. We are using those tests for benchmarking methods. Q2. That should be fine, however, keep in mind that the synthetic data is not a very good representation of variable distributions in the real data. Thanks, Tim

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