Hi! Here is the description of my problem. Before pushing my model, I had checked my container. There was the predictions.csv in /output folder after I executed my model. But the status of my submission is invalid at the evaluation UW data progress. I think the reason is that I might use some features that the internal dataset doesn't have, or something else. Any help will be very appreciated. Ben

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Hi @antoniocampos13 , Thanks for your reply. Yes, I had found the that the internal dataset does not have the "goldstandard.csv" file, if I read that file, my submission will not be accepted, and infer_log.txt file will show the error of reading the file that doesn't exist. So just like what you did, I avoid to reading the "goldstandard.csv" file. My situation is that my submission was accepted, but getting error during the progress of evaluation UW data. The infer_log.txt file doesn't show any error message. Ben
Hi Ben, I had a similar error when I pushed my model. I believe that the remote machine does not have the "goldstandard.csv" file. So I had to rework my code to not depend on this file and it worked. Perhaps you tried to use the same file? Anyway, did you check the infer_log.txt file? What it says? Best regards, Antonio

Getting error 'Your model did not generate a predictions.csv file.' during evaluation UW data progress. page is loading…