Hi there, Is there a subset of pregnant women among those in the validation that, so that a hypothesis can be formulated around those women?

Created by Adi Tarca bcbuprb
Hi @bcbuprb, The covid test date can be found in the measurement_date/datetime columns. For the purposes of question 1, we have filtered all covid tests from the measurement table and removed all records after the first covid test that a patient had. So all data available in the challenge can be assumed to occur prior to their test. Thanks! Tim
Hi Yao, This was useful. One more question I have, is how do we know when the covid test occurred so that one can determine if a condition, like pregnancy, was present at the time of the covid test. Thanks, Adi
Adi, I selected the list of concept-ids by searching 'pregnancy' in [Athena search engine](https://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms). The codes you just provided exist in our data(all the codes existing in our dataset above a certain frequency threshold are listed in the data dictionary ). However, most of the pregnancy-related codes exist in patients' clinical history before. The number of women who are pregnant when tested for COVID-19 is rather small. Sorry I can't provide with you the exact count for privacy concerns. You are still encouraged to try any hypothesis you have. Feel free to let me know if you have more questions. Yao
Thanks Yao, The synthetic dataset shows concept ids for first, second and third trimester pregnancy (condition_concept_id%in%c(4244438, 4218813, 4239938)). Are you saying that the validation set does not have any? Also, can you clarify where are the concept ids that you mentioned documented. The data_dictionary does not have those. Thank you Adi
Hi @bcbuprb, I did some check on our dataset, using condition_concept_id 4299535, measurement_concept_id 45885207, observation_concept_id 1004283, 45885207, 4128331. I haven't found any pregnant women in our dataset. Yao

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