Hi, I submitted a model that passed the evaluation process on synthetic data. But my model got rejected on the UW dataset. It is weird that the model can be successfully run on the synthetic data but failed on the real data since it is assumed that these two datasets have the same format. But I can only view the log files on the synthetic data. Is there any way in which I can access the error output when running on the UW dataset? It would be helpful to debug my model. Thanks, Shankai

Created by Shankai Yan skyan
Hello @skyan Thanks in advance for your patience. You should receive in email from @trberg real soon with your logs. The sender's address will be `trberg@synapse.org`. Best, Tom
Hi Thomas, I have checked all my emails but could not find the one you referred to. Maybe I missed it or it was filtered as spam. Could you send it again to my primary email address and let me know the email subject? Many thanks, Shankai
Thanks for your participation. We have emailed you your logs. Best, Tom

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