Hi all, I'm new to synapse so this might be a basic question, but what is the best way for a team to go about working with data in a shared space, on say a private server or similar environment? Code sharing is easy, but I'm thinking of someplace for intermediate data representations etc. (that wouldn't be published publicly, naturally). Should each person attempt to download their own copy (since download seems to be the route for accepting the data use agreements) and then work as we like, provided we ensure anyone with access to the data has done the agreements? Or do we all need to work on independent data (in separate permissioned folders on the same filesystem...) to stay compliant? Thanks! ~Shawn

Created by Shawn O'Neil oneils
Sounds good, thank you!
Hi @oneils, So long as everyone working with the data has done the agreements and the data is not being made public, you are welcome to work with the data in whatever way is the most convenient, whether a shared server or individual copies. Thanks! Tim

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