Dear @CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants , Some participants have requested the true identities of the compounds for this challenge. The data contributor has made them available to participants and can be accessed [here](syn21990141). Please note that the data are not yet publicly available and therefore are subject to the same data use terms as defined in the Challenge wiki that were agreed to upon registration for this Challenge. As a sidenote, these data will also be made available for the next version of this challenge, the [CTD^2^ Pancancer Chemosensitivity DREAM Challenge](syn21763589). If you haven't already, please check that challenge out and join us - we're just getting started! Best, Robert

Created by Robert Allaway allawayr
Dear @CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants, Some participants have requested the gold standard data for this challenge to further develop their methods. These data are available [here](syn21302164). To help contextualize the gold standard, for this challenge we used a ground-truth data where we knew the status for any given drug-target pair because we wanted to avoid missingness in observations (ie. avoid a scenario where a drug-target relationship was considered to not exist because it hadn't been tested). As a consequence, some targets that you can find in other ground truth datasets may not be represented in the gold standard data, depending on what ground truth data you are using. Here's a brief data dictionary: cmpd: compound name cmpd_id: masked compound identity used during the challenge target: HUGO gene symbol of the target rank: rank of the target within the set of targets for a given compound

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