Thank you for hosting this challenge. It has been a great learning experience. Unluckily, I could not make the final submission because I couldn't create the docker image on my system. It turns out that creating one is not as straightforward as installing, let say VLC player. I went through so many error messages and Stack Overflow pages-- I am a biologist-- so It took me hours to get past each error (embarrassingly), and ultimately, the deadline came to pass as I was still hacking on this. I think for a future challenge, the organisers should set up a "Software help desk" for the participants in the case where the usage of specific software is required. Thank you, Verena Chung, for pointing me toward the resources. Nevertheless, the experience that I had tramped all of my shortcomings in troubleshooting computer programs. Thank you once again.

Created by Musalula Sinkala msinkala
Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you had valuable experience in participating in the challenge, and we'll definitely take this into consideration to improve challenges in the future, either with more support, or more generous timelines. Looking forward to seeing your participation again in the future! Cheers, Robert

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