Dear @CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants, I wanted to address a couple of points of confusion to make sure that everyone understands the instructions. Our apologies if the instructions did not make these points clear: For the final round, two submissions are required: 1) Prediction CSV: Please submit your final submission csv in the same way as the leaderboard round (instructions here:!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/599464) but to the "CTD-squared Pancancer Drug Activity Final Round" queue. 2) Writeup and Docker container: Please create a synapse project and add a writeup to the wiki page and in addition, please add a Docker container with your code to that same project as described [here](!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/600782). Then submit the project to the writeup queue using [these instructions](!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/599466). In addition, we've seen several submissions of writeup projects that are actually the Challenge project (syn20968331). Please do not submit this Synapse ID as your final writeup as it will not count towards the Challenge - instead, please be sure that you are submitting **your team's Challenge project with a wiki writeup and Docker container**. [Here's an example from a previous challenge.](!Synapse:syn18701196/wiki/591206). I'll also just use this email to remind all that the submission window closes at 5 pm PT - that is just over 24 and a half hours from the time of this email. Thanks to all for your participation in this challenge! Best, Robert, on behalf of the CTD^2^ Pancancer Drug Activity DREAM Challenge Organizers

Created by Robert Allaway allawayr
@CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants Quick follow up - my apologies for any confusion I might have just caused, I got my days mixed up. Submissions are due *TODAY* by 5 PM. Deepest apologies again. Best, Robert

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