Dear Robert, Could you please check that our submission is ok? Our team is called NETPHAR and the docker has been pushed to syn21562777. Thanks. Best, Jing

Created by Jing Tang jtjing
Dear Verena and Robert, It makes good sense to me. Thanks for the reply! Best, Jing
Hi Jing, Thanks for your feedback. We typically have the writeup phase after the final submission, but we thought it might be more straightforward and less burdensome for participants if the submission deadlines were at the same time. That said, your point is well-taken, and the current approach likely (inadvertently) incentivizes last-minute submissions to avoid method leakage between teams. We'll definitely change this approach for the writeup submission (i.e. allow private method submissions) so that we can guarantee there is no method leakage in future challenges. For this challenge, we'll certainly inspect all of the submitted docker containers and writeups to ensure there is no cross-team plagiarism, but my general sense is that this group of participants would not try to exploit this. :) Thanks, Robert
Thanks. I wonder if we make it in public before the deadline would there be chances that we are revealing the methods to other participants? Best, Jing
Dear @jtjing , Your writeup Project is currently set to private. Please update its **Project Sharing Settings** and click on **Make Public**. Best, Verena

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