Hi, I am trying to push a docker container to a project, i m getting "access denied". Could you please check on your end if everything is ok? I already pushed it there with the same user credentials yesterday. It all worked OK. I also checked the user credentials in project settings to be sure, I m listed there as an administrator. Thanks!

Created by Bulat Zagidullin bulat.zagidullin
@bulat.zagidullin : To correct the issue please do the following: 1) In the lower right corner of the Synapse page there is a green icon with the tool-tip text "Web site alpha test mode". Kindly click that link. 2) In the upper right corner, click on your account, expanding a pull-down menu. Select "Trash can". 3) In the trash can select the trashed/deleted Docker repo. This is a little tricky because the repo' name is not shown, just the entity ID (syn12345678). 4) Click the red "delete selected" button. You should now be able to `docker push` your repo' to Synapse.
Thanks, Bulat, for the detailed reply. I'm glad that you got it working! I'm not sure if this is intended behavior but it sounds like a bug to me so I will file an issue with our platform team. Thanks for the details on how to reproduce the issue! Best, Robert
Hi, thanks for the swiftest possible reply. Appreciate it. I tried your suggestions. None of them worked. I tested by uploading exactly the same Docker image to a different project (that was used internally by us). It worked without a hitch. Tried it again with the official submission project - no luck. what ended up working is the following. Yesterday, I did a test run and uploaded a test Docker image to our project. I used the naming template that you provided to name my container: ``` docker.synapse.org//: ``` It was named using the same convention, with a tag "test" and some whatever repo name. After successfully uploading it, I deleted it from synapse, using web UI. The docker tab showed empty after that. When the final model was completed, I updated the tag from "test" to "final" when re-building the Docker. Repo name was not changed, only the tag. That was the docker image that I did not manage to upload. When I changed the repo name to something else and re-built the container, it pushed alright. Not sure if this is intended behaviour or not. But I figured it would be good to be made known to the org team. best bulat
Hi there, There are no issues with the Synapse docker service that I am aware of. Can you try "docker logout docker.synapse.org" followed by "docker login docker.synapse.org" and entering your credentials? In addition (I assume this is already the case) can you go to https://www.synapse.org/#!Profile:v/settings and confirm that you are a certified user (there should be a green button that says: "Passed Certification Quiz"). Thanks! Best, Robert

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