Hello, We are trying to push the docker image and I get the following error: ``` docker login docker.synapse.org Login Succeeded docker push docker.synapse.org/syn21553207/sbnb:9698788 The push refers to repository [docker.synapse.org/syn21553207/sbnb] 690e2f3a0004: Preparing 91189a3ee6ad: Preparing 7084ea13d8c4: Preparing 91e819bcdf46: Preparing c0d014fa979e: Preparing 04ef8bdbdf26: Waiting 1405e9f3a17d: Waiting 9255e15f51b8: Waiting bd22fd2b76f4: Waiting 50f0c6eef928: Waiting 3967348caa55: Waiting 24faa5cbf15f: Waiting 24456f0e9e35: Waiting 77b174a6a187: Waiting denied: requested access to the resource is denied ``` Could you help us? Is there anything else we should do? Thanks, llull

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Great, thank you for keeping us updated, @llull! If another problem arises, please let us know. Best, Verena
Sorry problem solved. I wasn't a certified user. Now it works. llull

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