Hello, organizers. I have two queries: 1. In the final submission page, it is said that we should click "Submit" button and submit our Synapse project. But our leaderboard submissions will also be in this project folder. Should we remove them and only keep the final submission prediction file? How should we tell the organizers that which prediction file we are willing to put forth as final submission. 2. I am fairly new to the concept of dockers and I'm learning it. So pardon me if this question is naive. How can I know that my docker file is running correctly in the organizer's system? Is there a way to check that on Synapse? Will there be any error messages **before the closing of final submission phase** if my dockerfile is incorrect. Thank you in advance.

Created by Senthamizhan V SenthamizhanV
@allawayr Thank you for the response, Robert. The issue is clarified now.
Hi there - 1: You can leave all submissions there, if you like. No need to remove. Please submit your final submission csv in the same way as the leaderboard round (instructions here: https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/599464) but to the "CTD-squared Pancancer Drug Activity Final Round" queue. Apologies if this was unclear. 2: This is not a dockerized challenge - that is, we will not be generating a score using your docker image for the final round. We will, however, manually run these containers to verify that the top performers and others have docker containers that produce the same prediction csv as was submitted to the "CTD-squared Pancancer Drug Activity Final Round" queue. If we can't get a container to run, we'll reach out to you. This will be after the close of the round. Thanks! Robert

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