Dear organisers, I am somewhat confused about the final submission. I noticed that the input file for the docker image should be just the empty template, so it is not going to be new data? Is this the exact same template as before? Is the docker image then just to provide the code for you to inspect? Thanks in Advance, Andrea

Created by Andrea Degasperi andrea.degasperi
To clarify further, we will not run your Docker container to score your prediction - we still will be scoring a submitted prediction csv as we did in the Leaderboard phase, but we will be running the docker containers of the top performers in the final round to ensure they are runnable and that we get the same result. Submission of a final prediction CSV, a writeup, and Docker containerized code are required to be listed as a consortium member on the challenge publication.
Hi Andrea, Thanks for the question. Yes, it will not be new data. This is the same template. The goal of collecting the code is to ensure reproducibility of the top performing methods, but also to try and capture the work that everyone contributed to the challenge for future research to build upon (e.g. we make the code of everyone in the CTD^2 Challenge Consortium publicly available when we publish the challenge manuscript). We do this with Docker containers because they are a good way to help ensure that the code is runnable in the future (i.e. they are packaged with all the dependencies). Hope this helps clarify! Let me know if you have any additional questions. Cheers, Robert

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