Hi, According to the general DREAM rules: "_For final scoring, each Team may only be permitted to submit a limited maximum number of entries (to be determined for each Challenge: please check the Challenge Description on the particular Challenge Website for this information)._" In this challenge, how many entries/final submissions (i.e. different template files each of them with a different ranking proposal) can we submit? Thanks in advance, M.

Created by Murakami Murakami
Understood, thanks!
Thank you @SenthamizhanV for the answer - this is the correct interpretation! Best, Robert
@cervantes I think what Robert is saying is that, you can make only **one** valid submission. By invalid submissions, Robert means the submissions without any writeup or submissions with improper docker files. If you make one valid submission (with the writeup and docker files), you cannot make any more submissions.
Hi Robert, Does this mean that in this final round we can, as a team, submit more than once in the leaderboard and you will take only the last submission into consideration? Thanks! C
Hi there, The leaderboard phase was restricted to 5 submissions. We are now in the final phase which is limited to 1 (valid) submission. Invalid submissions (e.g. malformed files) do not count against your submission total. Cheers, Robert

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