Hello, I think there might be a bug in the documentation about creating a docker image. It says that the prediction.csv file needs to be saved in '_**Write a prediction file called 'prediction.csv' in the top-level directory**_'. Then it provides a way to verify that the docker image works fine by: _**Then from the directory with the Dockerfile, run:**_ ``` docker build -t demo . docker run -it --rm -v ${PWD}/io:/input -v ${PWD}/io:/output demo ``` _**A file called prediction.csv should now be in your local io directory.**_ I have tried that and I do not have a prediction.csv file in my io directory, I think it is not weird because we are mounting the io directory to /input internal docker directory but the file is saved in the top-level directory which is /. Could you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Thank you very much and best regards, llull

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Hi there, thanks for the heads up on this error. I've modified the template docker container example on github, as well as the instructions to match so that they are runnable. As a consequence, the new instructions now say to create an /input/ and /output/ directory for the template and prediction files respectively, but if anyone uses the previous instructions and template (that just have an /io/ directory, rather than both directories), that is fine as well.
Apologies, this is likely a bug. I modified the documentation to fit within the parameters of thus challenge but may have missed a section. I will look into this in more detail as soon as possible, likely later today!

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