Dear @CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants, I hope all is well. The leaderboard phase is coming to an end and will close on January 31 at 5 pm Pacific Time. At that time we'll be opening the final submission queue, which will be open for two weeks. In order to be eligible to be a top performer as well as to be listed as a member of the CTD2 Challenge Community on the paper, you must submit a final submission to this queue, and you must also submit a writeup describing your approach for your final submission. You can find instructions for submitting this writeup [here](!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/599466), including a link to a template for the writeup. Thanks again for your participation in this challenge thus far! Best, Robert

Created by Robert Allaway allawayr
Dear @CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants , We've updated the [Docker submission instructions](!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/600782) with more details, and have also provided a template [Github repository]( describing a minimal Docker container for submitting your code for this Challenge. Please feel free to fork/clone this repository to get started with your container. Please do let me feel free to reply to this [forum thread](!Synapse:syn20968331/discussion/threadId=6597) if you have any questions about this process or require any clarification. Thanks! Best, Robert
Dear @CTDsquaredPancancerDrugActivityDREAMChallengeParticipants, I just wanted to follow up and also mention that the writeup should be submitted with a Dockerized model as noted on the Challenge Structure section of the Questions page (!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/599462). I've added an instructions section to guide those unfamiliar with submitting Docker containers to Synapse. I will also provide a template Docker container and Github repository by the end of this week to help in this process. Best, Robert

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