Dear organizers, I'm wondering if it is possible for you to extend the deadline for the leaderboard submissions as it coincides with the deadline for ISMB, the top computational biology conference, on January 30th! I know for a fact that many computational biology groups around the world (the research group I'm part of included) are submitting to ISMB which may be disadvantageous for this challenge in terms of getting the best submissions! For instance, the other ongoing cancer challenge, Beat AML, has its leaderboard phase end at the beginning of March! Looking forward to hearing other participants' thoughts on this! Kind regards, Denise Duma

Created by Denise Duma denise.duma
Hi there, Just to clarify, this is the timeline: Leaderboard submissions open: December 10, 2019 Leaderboard close: January 31, 2020 Final submissions open: January 31, 2020 Final submissions close: February 13, 2020 Therefore, your final submission is not due until February 13. One reason we chose this deadline is to allow any top-performers that are international to the US enough time to plan travel, and if necessary, obtain a visa, to attend the top performer presentations in April at AACR. I am hesitant to add more time due to this, but we'll discuss internally and let you know. Cheers, Robert

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