Hi, i am looking through the Overview (https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn20968331/wiki/599462) and i see this "Gene expression profiles were then generated at 24h following drug perturbation **with the compound IC20** and **with 1/5th of that concentration.**" I believe it is a typo, since it would imply we have transcriptome sequenced at two concentration. Which is not the case. is that so?

Created by Bulat Zagidullin bulat.zagidullin
thanks @allawayr and @efd2115 !
Thanks both! I've fixed this in the challenge documentation.
Yes, "with the compound IC20 and with 1/5 of that concentration" should be replaced with "with the compound IC20" The last bit is probably a vestage of old documentation when the High Throughput Screening center was first starting up (as 3 years ago they would also do 1/5 concentration) but it no longer relevant to data generated now (i.e. this challenge)
I think this is a typo. Let me cc @efd2115 to confirm.

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