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study: BEAT-PD DREAM Challenge
keywords: neurodegeneration neurology Parkinson's DREAM Challenge
diagnosis: Parkinson's disease
consortium: mHealth
deviceType: handheld wearable
sensorType: accelerometer gyroscope
isDHProject: TRUE
resourceType: analysis challenge
dhPortalIndex: TRUE
collectionType: Challenge
deviceLocation: wrist pocket
devicePlatform: Android iOS
sensorDataType: raw
reportedOutcome: MDS-UPDRS tremor dyskinesia medication report
studyDescription: The Biomarker & Endpoints to Track Parkinson's Disease (BEAT-PD) DREAM Challenge was a first of its kind challenge, designed to assess whether passively collected mobile sensor data could be used to predict Parkinson's Disease symptom severity.
numberParticipants: 43
dataCollectionMethod: passive patient reported outcome
dataAccessInstructions: syn20825169/wiki/600903
studyDescriptionLocation: syn20825169/wiki/596118
studyDataDescriptionLocation: syn20825169/wiki/600898
Important End of Challenge Information
Webinar Q&A
Can I get the data of Beat-PD Dream Challenge?
Weighted MSE for last round
unexpected performances
Labels test CIS_PD data set
Submission Write-ups and Code
Email notifications and final score announcements
Writeup Submission
Important Announcement: Challenge Extension
how is the data set split into training data and test data?
Regarding Submission Criterion for General Feedback
Round 4 Deadline
Premature end of round report sent to some participants
Round 3 Deadline
Submission and Leader board
Usage of test set during training
First-round submissions included in scoring ranks?
Submission ranking
What is the null model? Will test set labels be released?
Round 2 Closes Wednesday
Unable to submit my prediction as a team
Intermediate Round 2 Deadline Changed
Intermediate Round 1 Deadline Tomorrow
Corrupt smartwatch measurements in REAL-PD
Multiple Inputs
Intermediate Round 1 Deadline Now March 18th
Important Announcement: REAL-PD Sensor Files Updated
Important Announcements re: REAL-PD Data
Corrupted Labels?
REAL-PD Watch Data [Update]
Challenge Webinar Feb 4th @ 8am PST
[Suggestion] Uniform Labeling Scheme for both Datasets
Test Data Release and Scoring Queues open Feb. 4th
Cannot Download the Data

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