RA2 DREAM Challenge


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Status: Closed
RA2 DREAM Challenge Methodology Survey
RA2 manuscript published
Unable to access the dataset through the given link
Do we have a chance to review & revise our manuscript before publication?
Permission for using RA data for teaching purpose
Challenge Top Performers
Permission for using RA2 data for teaching purpose
Final Leaderboard?
Hand and Foot images for write-ups
Final Submission Deadline June 30, 2020, 5pm PT
Final project submission
Adding images to wiki page
What CUDA version is Synapse running?
What's the difference between Eval Q Test and RA2 Challenge Submission Fast Lane?
Final submission queue
Black and white images and orientation
Final Round Open
Submissions getting failed
submission hanging
submission backlog
Clarification for the dockerized solutions
submission of docker after leaderboard closes
Docker size limit
Error: Could not find any nv binaries on this host!
Read-only file system
Deadline per submission
4/29 Submission queues backed up
Temporary outage
leaderboard bug?
Updating the leaderboard
Data quality status
Some notes on COVID-19
Submission timeout
Regarding Docker submission
Docker repository not being updated
Confirmation from the organizers
What could they be?
Submission valid but not scored
Problem uploading docker images
Difference between Jointwise and Total scores
Label confusion Patient 403 ?
Cheaha service outage
Challenge jobs running into errors
Presence of jewelry
Scoring queue down for maintainence
SC2 and SC3 swapped on leaderboard
Common errors leading to container invalidation
My docker issues
Requesting Pytorch docker
Is submission server down?
Classification or Regression
Regarding image submission on Docker
In case of novelty
I scored, yay!
3.0289 in SC2 means all 0s
How to submit to fast lane?
GPU specs on scoring server
Can images be publicly visible?
Challenge Update and Important Details.
Prior work on joint localization
Annotation example walkthrough
New training data available
RMSE, Pearson Correlation, F1, scoring code
final scoring round
Leaderboard Part2
Careful with image EXIF data when programmatically loading images
Non-standardized image dimensions and background color in training set
Looking for a team mate.
Score reliability issue
scoring metric
hello-world example Docker container
Submission process video
Clarification on segmentation
Docker template and input for a single case
Happy New Year.
Can the model predict non integer scores (with numbers after the decimal)
Location of training.csv file
Image segmentation and use of outside data
Public Workshop - Evolving Role of Artificial Intelligence in Radiological Imaging
Notice: Planned U-BRITE downtime tomorrow evening (CT)
docker and matlab
Bounding boxes problem
50-sample dataset hosted on UBRITE (403 error)
some questions about score label (Subset_training.csv)
Catch 22 on joint recognition
Use of "external data"
Webinar recording now available
Potential improvements to the training data that would facilitate more accurate models
DICOM Header Data
Available resources
Webinar Information, Nov 22, 2019 9:00am PST
why I can't get access to the data?
Challenge Launch

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