Single Cell Signaling in Breast Cancer Challenge


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Final Results
Post-challenge survey
Final round close reminder & method write-ups
New submission deadlines!
Second round close reminder
Journal partner announced!
Proteomics released!
Why there is a peak on most of the markers phosphorylation expression distribution?
Final round submission was compulsory?
Obtaining validation scores by email
Validation error when submit the write-up
submission system not working
Request for increasing the number of submissions during the validation phase
Questions for validation phase
do I get a separate score for each of the 3 submissions ? And the best one will be used for leaderboard?
Announcement of Round2 results
Are the chemical structures of treatment available?
About the submission
The score is coming out to be nan
time points
RNAseq data
submission problem
Question to scientists/organizers
The ranking of sc2 and sc3 leaderboards seems reversed.
Error in submission
Reproduce Figure 3 on the overview page
Scoring for subchallenges #2 and #3: median vs covariance RMSE
Required columns for subchallenge1
First round close reminder
Regarding submission as Team
Regarding Submission as a part of team
Regarding submission
Concerning the Leaderboard
Webinar Question 4: Does the dataset account for cells lost to cell death?
Webinar Question 6: Does the dataset identify which specific MEK, EGFR, etc. inhibitors are used?
Webinar Question 5: Were the counts transformed?
Webinar Question 3: The model has to be generated only with the given proteomics and transcriptomics data, right?
Webinar Question 2: How was the network shown in the slides constructed?
Webinar Question 1: Are there replicates in the data? Wonder how much of the variation is just random noise
Incorrect CellLines.csv
webinar recording

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