I came a cross this 'submit different results' in your submission guideline. Could you elaborate more what do you mean by this expression? Does this mean that we can submit multiple predictions (let's say having different models)? On another matter, are the different tasks going to be evaluated independently or jointly? Thanks

Created by Santiago Barbarisi SBarbarisi
Thanks for your answer! I saw the 'submit different results' on the second paragraph of the main website (https://endovissub-workflowandskill.grand-challenge.org/)
Hey, can you tell me where you saw this in the guideline? If you have significantly different methods (i.e. not just some slightly different values for certain parameters), you can, of course, submit multiple entries for the same task. Good question, I will write an email regarding this. Basically you can freely decide this. If you plan to participate in 3 tasks, you can either: a) submit one docker per task b) submit one docker for all tasks c) submit one docker for two tasks and one for one task But please indicate somewhere (maybe in the submission name) for which task(s) the docker is made for.

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